Life and health insurance

The range of protection products for the individual is large and complete. You can insure your life and your income as well as protect you in the event of an accident or illness. It is also possible to insure the expenses of a company so that it is never in danger because of an event out of your control.

There is a wide variety of products offered through different insurers with whom we have established business ties. In the insurance field, the possibilities are almost endless.It's our job to make your lif...

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Automobile and Home Insurance

Car insurance 

home insurance 

Liability insurance 

commerceial insurance 

surety bonds


Have a quote with a Groupe Financier Wells trusted partner!  We have the chance to offer you to aving a quote by Paré assurances, A broker who will take the time with you to get the best ins...

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group insurance and annuities

A service for the company to improve the quality of work of the staff. Although some say these products are expensive, they are very useful in terms of training and to avoid losing qualified employees in the hands of competitors.

We offer the best products. It is possible to have a group insurance plan without necessarily setting up a pension fund ;the opposite is also possible.  All business leaders wonder whether providing benefits is an advantage.We firmly believe so.
It is best to cover the costs of loss of staff and training. Also, employees are often more loyal when their employer offers fair benefits.

Group insurance Most workers seek employment based on the benefits an employer provides.  These benefits, combined with an interesting salary, are a great way to attract qualified employees. It also re...

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Travel insurance

Are you a traveler ? Do you like to collect souvenirs from your travels in the south, in Europe or even in Asia ? Get coverage so you can pack your suitcase anytime, without worrying about what might happen if you get sick on the other side of the world.

We know that many people have travel insurance through their credit card. In a few specific cases, this insurance is appropriate when travel is at low risk and when you are young and in excellent health. However, this is not the reality of most travelers.

This is why we offer products that really fit your needs and your situation such as seasonal packages, youth and annual packages, including or excluding the United States, etc.

Plan your destination and we'll do the rest !

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Also take advantage of our Placement Service

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Financial group


Our objective consists to inform, educate and help our clients to choose their best financial product.

We believe it is important to inform our client of the range of possibilities offered to make the right choice.

Our mission is to educate our client in order to clarify the implication of issues in the analysis of financial needs.

Finally, we want to help and accompany our client to make a logic choice in the range of the products offered by this industry which corresponds to their needs and by respecting their budget.

As advisors, our role is aimed at popularizing and simplifying theories in the insurance world and financial products in allowing the client to ask the right questions in making the best choice for their situation.

As an insurance company, our main concern is the financial security of the individual and their families. Everyone is dependant of his income.Therefore, in case of death, disability or critical illness, it is important to preserve the continuity of the income. We want to be present and help you with your claim in order to receive an adequate amount of money during difficult times.

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