Life and health insurance

Mortgage insurance

When we talk about a mortgage, we are talking about the most important investment of a lifetime. Whether for a family home, an investment, a commercial loan or a cottage, everyone wants to be well protected.

Do you know the legal guarantees of your current insurance certificate ?

Like most of our clients, you probably already have an insurance certificate with your mortgage lender. Have you ever taken the time to shop for your options ?

Here are two of the many reasons why it is important to shop for options.


Get an easy settlement with personal protection. Insurers will do the necessary medical tests and determine your insurability before issuing a contract. In this way, you will know what is covered and what is not. There will be no bad surprises when you claim. Also, you will have the privilege of being able to change the lender over time without risk of losing your insurable quality. Therefore, you will preserve your financial sovereignty, your freedom and especially your bargaining power with financial institutions, even if your health has changed.

**If you have been refused by a lending institution, discover the different options offered by our insurers ** 


Maximize your insurance dollar. Whether to get fixed protection rather than decreasing to 0%, to have a higher insurance capital or to have a scale economy over the life of the mortgage, we have the solution !

Thanks to our experience, our clients save thousands of dollars, in most cases, in credit insurance. In addition, they benefit from better protection and legal guarantees to the consumer’s benefit.

Disability salary insurance

Even today, too many people do not take the time to ask the following essential question:

what would happen to my family if, in the event of an accident or illness, I could not work for a certain period of time ?

"What will happen to my rent, the groceries, my monthly financial obligations ? "

Am I covered by my insurance ? "

"Do I have salary insurance / disability insurance ? "


Disability insurance benefits (income, salary, credit) are complex.

Definitions, notions of law and disability insurance guarantees provide good protection. Avoid ambiguity at the time of a potential claim by determining the options of the contract yourself.

Many factors are taken into consideration when analyzing disability insurance needs : the waiting period, the required monthly amount, the period of protection and endorsements. Your choices will determine exactly what will be covered in your contract.

Whether you are an employee, self-employed or entrepreneur, we believe that everyone should be protected and protect their income. We are at your service to guide you and help you choose the protection that suits you.

Critical illness insurance

Have you ever been affected by a serious illness and felt a financial difficulty in such a situation ? If so, you understand the financial issues associated with a degenerative or life-threatening disease.

Whether it's for you or your family, including your children, Critical illness Insurance allows you to claim the money you need to focus on what's really important : healing.

At the time of the diagnosis, the insurance product will pay you the amount chosen to meet your financial needs. The payment is made directly to the insured so that he can access private health care in Quebec or abroad, obtain specific medication, allow the spouse to take a leave of absence without pay and even arrange the house or car to your new physical condition.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, approximately 565 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer each day, and in a lifetime, 1 in 2 Canadians will develop cancer.

Despite the fact that nobody wants to be in this situation, it is a reality that we can not escape. As a result, the cancer covered and 25 other serious diseases can be covered. Among these, 86% of the claims are related to cancer, 68% to a heart attack and 13% to a stroke according to ( ), only 5%

Critical illness insurance is an insurance product that is increasingly sought more by clients, as many people have faced this harshed reality.

Life insurance

Your death or that of a loved one is always a concern. Before facing this extremely difficult situation, it is better to learn and be prepared in case of loss of income in the family.

What is life insurance and who is this product for ?
We help people determine their insurance needs and we direct them to the best products on the market, always according to their situation. Our know-how allows us to guide you by asking you the right questions to help you make a clear decision.

People who have insurances almost always want to cover the loss of income, accumulated debts, a mortgage, monthly financial obligations, a business and / or financial obligations following a death.

Have you thought about all the costs of a death?
By doing business with Groupe Wells, we will listen to all your needs. We will take the time to ask the right questions, listen to your answers and analyze your situation. In the light of all the information collected, we will simplify your options and direct you to the best products. You will then be able to choose a temporary or permanent life insurance policy.
Concerning the temporary policies, you have the choice between a temporary policy of one year, of 10 years, or even of 70 years. Some are renewable and modifiable, others are not. The terms of renewal may differ from product to product. You can also add additional products to your temporary policy. You can also choose a fixed coverage, increasing or decreasing.
Concerning the permanent policies, you can choose products that are evolving, growing and / or fixed. You may have the option for participatory policies, which offer a very interesting return on investment in the long run. Alternatively, you can also choose universal life insurance policies and control the value of your policy, or choose an entire life insurance policy with cash values ​​guaranteed in the policy.

Let yourself be guided in this complex process, it's our job !  We believe that it is essential to have help when it comes to getting an insurance policy. Of course, we monitor and verify that your policy is evolving well over time to suit your needs.

Make an appointment with one of our insurance specialists.

There is a wide variety of products offered through different insurers with whom we have established business ties. In the insurance field, the possibilities are almost endless.It's our job to make your life easier by helping you make informed and wise choices that truly meet your needs.

When you're a Groupe Wells client, you can choose, with our help, products that are right for you from more than 15 different companies. When it comes to personal insurance, the most important question to ask yourself is the following : how long can you maintain your standard of living with partial or total loss of income?

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