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Group insurance

Most workers seek employment based on the benefits an employer provides. 
These benefits, combined with an interesting salary, are a great way to attract qualified employees. It also represents a competitive advantage in your industry.

Regardless the activity sector, group insurance is somewhat a weapon in recruiting employees, but also for the retention of these employees. The goal remains to increase the retention rate of employees, because the training of new employees is expensive. In group insurance, it is possible to create the best products and to share the insurable risk in order to manage your own insurance company's wallet (premium versus claim). We help business leaders better understand insurance issues and use them wisely. Companies have the choice of several products such as life insurance, disability insurance, medical and dental insurance, insurance for glasses and complementary diseases.

When you choose a career, you also think about your retirement. As a worker, will you choose a company that offers a pension fund or not ?

Did you know that as an employer, it is more beneficial to pay a pension fund to your employees than to increase their salary ? When you pay a pension fund, you do not have to pay contributions. There are many pension fund choices : Registered pension plans (RPPs), deferred profit sharing plans (DPSPs), registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs), individual retirement plans (IPPs) and defined contribution and defined benefit plans. ??? It's important for us to understand your needs, your situation and what you want to offer your staff. It is important to determine the budget you have available to improve the benefits of your employees.

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